LezbiAzian also Asian Lesbian Vloggers; List of Five Asian Lesbian Youtubers!

Plenty is occurring in politics that we don’t feel approaching especially since nothing of it truly has to do with Tx, and that I actually don’t care to talk about that frustrating ass Mexican AOC chick. Give thanks to God she symbolizes New York.

I was seeing video clips about What Would You Do Youtube route on this subject rainy, cool yet wonderful time in Colorado. The video clip linked above is approximately a gay Asian being released to his parents, and I also was curious to learn if there had been any lesbian Asians on Youtube whom blogging about becoming gay and…Asian.

Now we won’t count quick films/web series channel such as the Rela Youtube station. Rela was a Chinese lesbian online dating software and generate internet collection and short films because of their Youtube channel, which primarily features femme/tom(son) and femme/femme pairings. But they actually do has a segment in which Chinese lesbians will discuss their own knowledge, although knowledge all associate with China, china, and Chinese society; there’s even a video about online dating past 35 or something for lesbians getting up in years. On the whole, Rela’s a fairly close station to check out:

Upon undertaking extra investigation, I additionally discovered a quick questionnaire movie about lesbians and queer feamales in South Korea as well as this short documentary about Tom community of Thailand. As well as everything you lesbian Filipinas available to choose from, there’s a lesbian collection labeled as high Man’s Daughter. Give it a look!

Each is good watches and I also highly recommend them if you’re into learning about various lesbian and queer experience starting from community to society, and country to country. However, think about the Asian United states lesbian knowledge?