Dating isn’t easy, but we can’t live without love

You can’t act like it is business as usual. Meeting someone online and having virtual coffee dates might not be what we are used to doing. This is our temporary normal, even if it may last for several more months. So go ahead and decide what you expect this experience to be for you and honor your decisions! Would you instead keep it via text and a phone call before you meet with someone via video call? When you meet them via video call, which room would you like to be in? Yes, we discussed using a room or location as a source of comfort, but we also need to consider privacy. Our homes are often private places, and we don’t invite someone over until we feel comfortable. If you decide to have a video date with someone, that person will have a glimpse of your house; they might see more than you want them to if you happen to sit on the couch or near a window with landmarks in the background. You might also ask yourself, “When will I feel ready to meet him/her/them at a park or for a hike?” This doesn’t mean that you have to decide when you’ll be comfortable, and then you aren’t allowed to change your mind. It means that you are conscious of your comfort as you progress in this venture.

Every day is a new experience during this pandemic. Being flexible and being present may be your best shot at enjoying this journey. Brainstorming and considering obstacles and boundaries is important to work to do, but holding on to ideas that you find aren’t serving you won’t be beneficial. Open your mind to the idea that your partner could be someone or somewhere you never expected! With several apps allowing their version of a travel mode, you have the potential to meet people outside of your city or even your state.