Anonymous Hookups Take heart level in Coming-of-Age a€?Sequin in an azure Rooma€?

a€?Sequin in a Blue Room,a€? defined as a€?a homosexual movie by Samuel Van Grinsven,a€? is actually a crisp, minimalist, plus some might state pretentious drama about Sequin (Conor Leach) having several private gay sexual activities.

A high school college student which promises they are 18 – he could be, indeed, 16 – Sequin’s online handle derives from glittery boobie shirt the guy wears when he satisfy people utilizing a€?anon,a€? a hookup software. (No one appears to remark about his silvery post of apparel, but one gentleman do collect a detached sequin after a tryst and fondles it nostalgically.)

Despite numerous intimate experiences, there is certainly extremely quick nudity, and a lot of associated with couplings are lacking intimate love

Van Grinsven’s homosexual film (it is not easy not to ever insist upon contacting they that) is far more enigmatic than sensual. Really most scary than sensuous watching B (Ed Wightman), whoever handle try a€?Discrete father,a€? ask Sequin to shut the drapes and strip so they can need their means with him.