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Kind of Of these come in the body Triad, new Agreeable Position, and their Go out Positioning ‘s the Introduce. Whenever match, Of them was are trustworthy, polite, rooted, spontaneous, and you may happy. Of these has a constructed-when you look at the desire to boost the globe, and you can work tirelessly within doing so that have integrity and you will a keen unshakable inner compass. Their natural sense of the brand new pure order out-of anything prospects them become smart advisers; recognizing other people who are on their particular, book paths. Fit Ones accept mysterious-including information and you may inwards serenity. They also understand how to laugh and you may do points you to definitely refuel the energy and you may feeling of gamble.

They then martyr by themselves, loudly and you will abundantly, so much in fact that anyone else sometimes need get off the relationships or take some slack for a time

Everyone is adaptive entities, always in action, perhaps not robots you to operate into the limiting boxes. For this reason, the newest meanings below will not identify some body completely. Nor usually one ever before seem completely provided otherwise disintegrated. One can possibly cycle through the spectral range of suit/substandard accounts per day. For the an hour even! And you may…bear in mind, one another 1w9 and 1w2 check out Type of Five in the Disintegration and you may Sorts of Seven from inside the Integration, but the shades from how it appears are different. After which there are Subtypes! Ha!

The newest Enneagram….usually more complicated and you can nuanced after that we know. Similar to you individuals. Here are a few my personal variety of Enneagram Information for additional research.

Healthy: During the health, 1w9s take on a color of the major-picture convinced preferred into the Form of Nines. They care more info on the state of the nation in addition to consummate activities for all those residing it.