Although, <a href="">blackcrush giriЕџ</a> the latest conclusions of research offer knowledge toward maxims away from what it way to become “dark skinned” compared to

“light-skinned,” it’s got restrictions. The latest interview were retrospective and memory starred a significant role into the the brand new profile common by the interviewees. Regardless of if exactly what interviewees remember is very important to your definition they trait in order to situations they knowledgeable, the fresh new researchers can’t be clear on the newest veracity of those levels. The new intercourse and you can racial name of head specialist who held brand new interview possess swayed the fresh findings. The lead specialist (JC) are a white-skinned male exactly who resides in the fresh North out-of St. Lucia and you may participants could have announced other guidance if they were questioned because of the a man of the identical sex and surface shade identity as on their own otherwise of the an individual who lived-in the fresh exact same area (discover Liamputtong, 2008, 2013). Ergo, replications with the research having fun with participant and you can researcher sex and skin-colors name coordinating within the interview processes is encouraged. These replications you certainly will promote next evidence of the brand new reliability of your own conclusions and you can information about the role away from epidermis-color and you may sex label into the specialist and you may fellow member interactions inside the St. Lucian community. Additionally, top honors researcher put its public associations inside St. Lucian LGB groups in order to recruit the sample that’ll bias the findings (e.g., the brand new try are even more homogeneous compared to the large address people, as well as the head specialist getting middle-class and you may university experienced).