Saint Lucia: home elevators the Castries gang, including framework, regions of procedure and tasks; all about gang-related tasks in Saint Lucia, especially in Castries; and federal federal federal government a reaction to such tasks

Info on a gang in Saint Lucia called the Castries gang could never be discovered one of the sources consulted by the Research Directorate inside the time constraints for this reaction. For informative data on the existence of gangs in Castries and government a reaction to crime, look at a reaction to Suggestions Request LCA10498. The after information may additionally be of great interest.

1. Gang-related Crime in Saint Lucia

In a study submitted towards the UN Human Rights Council within the country’s Universal Periodic Review, the federal government of Saint Lucia states that «in the past few years, Saint Lucia has received the regrettable connection with working with an array of gang related task» (Saint Lucia para. 63).