User log on + reputation to have tinder We know already the fresh Es stores member details, that’s currently geosharded

In the event that X happens to correct swipe Y , up coming an admission including “X_Y” goes into Redis and you will simply leaves it as it’s. Now whenever Y proper swipe X , however the same techniques happens, fits worker picks the content and you can inspections during the Redis climate “X enjoys previously correct-swiped Y’ we.e we are going to definitely see secret “X_Y” and look with the metadata, for example a match keeps happened and you can content tend to input brand new coordinated waiting line and that» alt=»cestovani seznamovací služba»> becomes selected from the fits alerts and you may as a result of internet retailer sends they in order to each other X and Y saying “It’s a complement”.

In the event the for some reason, X has never proper swiped Y after that what the results are?