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If you’re some guy in search of love this Valentine’s Day, you’ve got some options:

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Attempt to snag a lady with a tank of fuel, flip through Tinder, or work your on line profile that is dating you score a night out together. Your best bet may be attempting to attach with a woman ready to support you in finding your match. The newest Boston-based site that is dating, Meet Ken, w hich launched late last thirty days, is flipping the internet dating concept on its mind by placing every one of the control over making and finding times in the possession of of females.

The idea is easy, specially you up if you’re had a mother, aunt, or other Yenta that’s tried to set. Women log onto the site through Facebook and choose the males within their life which they love—just not in that way. They answer 10 questions regarding the guy— just just How is their relationship together with mom? Is he looking that is good? Exactly what does he do?—then short fill out a profile saying why he’s a catch. Males have to do little beyond agreeing to participate. The women go on it after that, and content each other when a guy is found by them that could be of interest.

“If a solitary girl discovers a man that she’s thinking about meeting or getting to learn, she gets in contact with the girl that posted the man,” the site’s CEO and cofounder, Ken Deckinger explains (and yes, he could be the Ken whom provided the website its title). “All the guys are vouched for and suggested by an other woman.” He claims that on typical internet dating sites, women can be bombarded with e-mails from dudes, rendering it very difficult to cut through the sound in order to find a match that is suitable. There’s a trust degree here, too, as girls could be more truthful with one another about what’s attractive in regards to the guy.