Claudin-sixteen and you can claudin-19 try hemichannels one to mode an excellent paracellular pore permeable in order to calcium throughout the TAL

Paracellular calcium transportation regarding TAL is triggerred of the claudins, such as the cation-choosy pore-building claudins ten and you will sixteen, and also the anion-blocking claudin-19 (76). It has been revealed from inside the vitro (75, 78) plus vivo (77, 79).

Claudin-16 is actually the first claudin attain clinicians’ focus because of its role within the calcium homeostasis (Dining table step one). In identity from paracellin-step 1, mutations within this gene was indeed said to cause (183) the fresh new uncommon familial hypomagnesemia hypercalciuria syndrome (130), afterwards titled familial hypomagnesemia which have hypercalciuria and you will nephrocalcinosis (FHHNC), on account of intrarenal calcium deposits one more and more bring about renal inability. The fresh customers enduring mutations within the CLDN16 have a discerning calcium and you may magnesium reabsorption insufficiency, once the portrayed by the useful degree did on these clients. Blocking NKCCdos with furosemide grows urinary sodium, chloride, calcium, and you will magnesium removal within the suit subjects, however, simply salt and you can chloride excretion for the people which have FHHNC (16). In the same statement, Blanchard mais aussi al. (16) indicated that magnesium and you can calcium supplements participate for claudin-16-dependent reabsorption.