Compensated A Relationship. The plans usually are manufactured through telekura (telephone organizations) or merukura (email groups).

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a phenomenon taking place in Japan since latter 20th millennium might be rehearse of enjo kosai, interpreted as «subsidized dating», «compensated dating», or «dating for service». Japanese babes, usually still in high school or junior big, arrange for the money with older men who pay them for periods.

Whilst plan is certainly not clearly for erectile service, the character regarding the task is without a doubt that this sort of recreation are recognized to occur with a bit of frequency. Up to very recently, the lower age agreement in several instances of Japan along with restricted lawful concise explanation of just what constitutes prostitution enjoys safeguarded the members from authorized effects. Despite the presence of unique rules, enjo kosai continues to a common and questionable interest. To non-Japanese this appears to be a kind of softcore prostitution.


The male version was mitsukano, typically shorter to mitsu. Male offers or Visual Kei/rock performers and certain Japanese Delinquents would be the primary individuals. They pimp by themselves aside (or include pimped out-by their particular bands/labels/host clubs/management) to fangirls (or even in the case of a gay or bi specialist choosing to be completely and available and so, to an even more successful people or undoubtedly his or her fanboys).

Formally not just meant to consist of sexual intercourse, more often than not do the truth is.

The high value in Japanese lifestyle for teens, with the incompatibility of Japanese buyers traditions using reduced economical leads from the typical group given that the development regarding the 80s folded, have now been reported as traveling makes. Enjo kosai has been specifically clearly recognized in the community eye with all the kogal subculture.

It’s shock, after that, that current anime have begun to relay enjo kosai, particularly if it really is wanting end up being a youthfulness television series, or socially related. The practice itself is seldom given a beneficial lamp, though the portrayal of the participants varies generally. A young female is typically a sympathetic Hooker with cardiovascular of silver variant, coping with financial harm, emotional chaos, or peer pressure level. Actually, in the event that young girl was been shown to be in control or experiencing the circumstances it’s a positive bet she’s going to generally be designated because of the proverbial scarlet document and authored switched off as irredeemable.


Some Examples:

  • Mako «Nakama» Nakarai, a babes in Bokurano, participates in enjo kosai to get revenue for anything she has to generate before she dies . But she is steered clear of it, and understands a lesson about her mom’s last during the practice .
  • In Chu-Bra supplied Nayu’s habit of put on knickers absolutely unlike a lot of models the girl years and her repeated talks with a mature dude (actually the lady stepbrother), and this is what she would be accused of.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka got two attacks exactly where Onizuka is persuaded to use enjo kosai, but ended up being surprised by that arrives.
  • Hell female shows this in the first episode, whenever Hashimoto Mayumi try blackmailed into generating revenue in this manner.
  • Hell Instructor Nube: «Itako-girl » Izuna Hazuki. Nube on his own mistakes the for a kogal to start with view. Unusual in that, in the place of experiencing compensated romance, she deal her companies as an oracle and common spiritualist but she actually is definitely not above taking risque photos of herself and offering them.
  • Initial D:
    • Takumi’s sweetheart Natsuki in the initial adaptation is actually involved with enjo kosai from the start with the collection. The English dub alters the story to make certain that she is just spending experience with her divorced parent.
    • Through next class, Natsuki keeps subverted this trope by quitting her commitment with «Papa» which had been risking this lady flourishing relationship with Takumi. She opts to receive work at a fast-food bistro, mimicking the hard-working task she sees Takumi engaging in right at the gasoline station, when this chick understands men and women are searching upon her for her slightly-whorish practices.
  • Subverted in Karin – Kenta views Karin in a park your car welcoming a more mature boyfriend and thinks this woman is carrying out enjo kosai. However, because Karin try a vampire, she was really biting his or her throat.
  • In Kobato., the titular identity are approached by a businessman prepared to get ‘healed’ Once Fujimoto intervenes, he or she berates Kobato, believing her are performing this exercise — she, being the Naive Everygirl, has no idea just what he is referring to.
  • In Mai-HiME, Nao Yuuki looks a late means try alluded to take part in this. Eventually we find on she uses it as a hook to mug guy, that cannot document the criminal activity for obvious reasons. Is in reality a sort-of payback she represents guy, since a lot of thugs killed the lady dad and harmed them mama.
  • There’s a sequence of Maria Watches Over United States exactly where among the women is presumed of performing enjo kosai. She got getting clothing and money from her parent and brothers to expend moments along with them, given that they overlooked the lady while she is living at an all babes school.
  • Princess Nine: If super Schoolgirl / Delinquent Seira Morimura is actually employed for that ball group, she mistakes the seedy-looking mentor’s offer of «recruitment» for enjo kosai. When this dish relizes the facts she is half relived and half livid. «I imagined i used to be.. properly nevermind the thing I thought I happened to be coming here for!!»
  • Puni Puni Poemi very shortly proved a Gyaru on a subsi-date before violently displaying her the mistakes of this model methods.
  • Ranma ?
    • In a distinctive variety, Nabiki Tendo will frequently accept day supplies and invitations from classmates who don’t discover any better, will likely then fleece them for a lot of might well worth via date, and she blackmails them with its adore emails to the lady. Because it’s, she actually is feared by all that out dated this model, and she arrives a great deal, a great deal of deeper from practice.

      In an anime simply story, Nabiki likewise confirms to go on with Tofu to obtain his or her mommy to give up bugging him about engaged and getting married.

      She recharges him or her fairly fairly for matchmaking, but ‘reminds’ your which it would not be extremely convincing if he or she don’t fork out a lot of clinking coins regarding the periods.

      In just one truly strange example, Nabiki satisfied a person that was actually equally self-centered, manipulating and unethical and just wild while she had been. They decided to challenging where they might move on a romantic date, as well very first to actually pay got the loss. The complete occasion was actually all of them always foisting costs on each additional and skipping on coughing up for themselves.