It hilarious, for any cutesy subtitles are blinking reddish within his attitude.

Dangerous. He feigns ignorance regarding the going-ons, but she therefore passionate and passionate about this, and attempts to explain that she proposing to your. Ha.

As she talks about getting up together each morning, the subtitles carry on, and from their viewpoint truly innocent and lovable, but we see that those include their keywords of doom. Hahahaha. The guy also sweating by this opportunity, in which he actively seeks his escape path.

The first thing the guy does? The guy blows out of the candles regarding the dessert, mentioning a justification about a belly upset, and dashes toward washroom. Hee. Jang Mi ought to be actually dense though, because she funnily discusses him like damn were in the midst of a proposal, and never like she realises which he leaking out.

Back the lobby, all of our blind date of the day is a cameo by Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute, The intimate Idol). She all docile and courteous, smiling at Gi Tae. He or she is, on the other hand, impolite and ridiculous, choosing to posses a text talk with Hoon Dong (after different texts him for services, ha).

Ji Hyun (shall we simply call her by the girl actual title, since its only a cameo) clears her neck, and Gi Tae apologises, attempting to manage the discussion. Except she says that they’re not really a word in. Ha. To which he shows that they begin right now, all while unwrapping some gum and putting it inside the mouth.

He says to their to inquire of anything she interested in him, and she starts with a standard concern about in which he life. The guy mentions Gangnam (simply speaking, Chaebol town), and he most arrogantly continues on about his way of life, boasting about his house, his auto and all sorts of. Ew, though we obtain which he entirely hoping to get gone her.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong become involved with a virtual conversation, with Gi Tae all cold and unsympathetic to Hoon Dong predicament. Additionally, Jang Mi worried about Hoon Dong (he been in the bathroom for too much time). Ji Hyun asks Gi Tae if he has got observed lots of pretty females (in his type of services), along with his address sarcastic while he says which he keeps seen many girl who wants to getting quite. Just how correct.

The guy carries on with the addition of that (those people) are able to spend a pile of cash inside the hospital/clinic. As an afterthought, he commends himself in order to have a house, a motor vehicle and a hospital.

Ji Hyun started truly courteous and tolerating of their actions, but the lady last straw occurs when Gi Tae requires what she will offer him (while entering it to Hoon Dong. He actually asking them both). The guy wants Hoon Dong giving him a building, nevertheless they settle mid-way, as Hoon Dong believes to offer him cost-free leasing for 3 years.

Chances are Ji Hyun already upset, as she explains that he been using their telephone since permanently. Gi Tae simply replies that he provides someone awaiting your upstairs, that he been choosing whether he is going right up. Since he didnt identify whether it be a woman or guy, taken out of context, it misleadingly looks poor. And Ji Hyun is actually riled up, splashing one glass of water on their face. He amusingly ared, for the guy puts lower their cellphone, rips off his specs and shuts his eyes before she will it. Ha, but she perhaps not complete but, for the time being she requires their windows , and gradually pours they down his head. Burn. Or Pssssst.

Anyhow, the guy heads up the hotel to save lots of Hoon Dong, so when he rings the bell, Jang Mi curiously requires Hoon Dong if the guy called for space services. Ha. She starts the doorway anyway, and here the initial meeting of our guides: he all saturated, she experiencing a subsequent failed suggestion.

He present themselves as Hoon Dong buddy, as well as but struts into the place. Ha, the guy steps throughout the balloons and tries to remove the ornaments, inquiring in which the restroom is actually. Hauling Hoon Dong down, he primps himself in the washroom.

Jang Mi puzzled over exactly why he came out saturated, and then he replies (to Hoon Dong snigger) it occurs every time the guy continues on a blind day (describing their competence at they). Ha, the guy had gotten all sorts of beverage built on your at least one time. LOL.