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Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (Russian: Михаи?л Ю?рьевич Ле?рмонтов ; IPA: [m??x??il ?jur?j?v??t? ?l??rm?nt?f] ; October 15 [O.S. Oct step three] 1814 – July twenty seven [O.S. July 15] 1841), a beneficial Russian Romantic author, poet and you can painter, possibly called «the poet of one’s Caucasus», turned into initial Russian poet immediately after Alexander Pushkin’s demise in the 1837. Lermontov is the ultimate poet away from Russian books alongside Pushkin and also the greatest figure within the Russian Romanticism. Their influence on later Russian literary works has been experienced for the progressive minutes, just by way of his poetry, as well as by way of their prose, and this built the brand new traditions of your Russian mental novel.

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Lermontov was born in Moscow to your a reputable good family of this new Tula Oblast, and you can spent my youth on Tarkhany estate from the community of Tarkhany (today Lermontovo) inside Penza Oblast. Considering legend, their paternal family unit members are originated about Scottish Earls from Learmont, certainly just who paid within the Russia in early 17th 100 years, in the leadership of Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. The newest legendary Scottish poet Thomas the newest Rhymer (Thomas Learmonth) was hence claimed because the a close relative out-of Lermontov. The only ascertainable genealogical advice claims that the poet try descended out of Yuri (George) Learmont, a great Scottish administrator regarding Shine services whom paid in the Russia in 17th millennium [ 1 ]

Lermontov’s dad, Yuri Lermontov, such his father before your, try an army son. With moved in the ranking in order to head, the guy married brand new 16-year-old Maria Arsenyeva, into higher dismay out-of this lady mother, Yelizaveta Alekseyevna. A-year following the relationships, with the night of October step 3 (Old-style), 1814, Maria gave delivery so you’re able to Mikhail Lermontov. Predicated on society, after their birth specific dissension between Lermontov’s father and you can grandmother erupted, and you may unable to sustain they, Maria dropped unwell and you can passed away inside the 1817. Immediately after the girl daughter’s demise, Yelizaveta Alekseyevna devoted the their want to their grandson, usually afraid you to definitely their father you’ll flow out having him. Either thanks to this pampering or continuing relatives stress or one another,the young Lermontov build a timid and you may arrogant temper, he got from brand new servants, plus in vandalising their grandmother’s yard.

Because a little man Lermontov paid attention to stories concerning outlaws of your own Volga region, regarding their high courage and you may crazy nation life. When he is actually ten, Mikhail fell ill, and you may Yelizaveta Alekseyevna took your for the Caucasus for its best weather.

The fresh rational atmosphere and then he spent my youth are exactly like you to definitely experienced of the Pushkin, although domination regarding French got started to give way in order to a choice to have English, and you can Lamartine mutual prominence with Byron. Within his very early teens Lermontov are experienced because of the a beneficial Frenchman titled Gendrot. Yelizaveta Alekseyevna believed that this was not adequate and you may made a decision to get Lermontov so you can Moscow, to prepare to possess gymnasium. Within the Moscow, Lermontov is produced so you’re able to Goethe and you can Schiller from the an excellent German pedagogue, Levy, and eventually later, when you look at the 1828, he registered the gymnasium. The guy became an exceptional student. Also at the gym the guy turned familiar with new poetry from Pushkin and you may Zhukovsky, and something away from his members of the family, Katerina Khvostovaya, afterwards revealed him since the «married so you’re able to a substantial volume of Byron». Katerina had at any given time been the object from Lermontov’s affections and to this lady the guy dedicated several of their first poems, «Нищий (У врат обители святой)» (New Beggar). At that time, along with his poetic interests, Lermontov along with set up an inclination to possess poisonous laughter and you may cruel, sardonic humor. Their ability to draw caricatures try coordinated from the their capability to pin some one down with a proper aimed epigram or moniker.